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Sunday, 24 February 2013

XB2178 - Tank Finished (Again) and Commander Modeled

 After a while I came back to the tank to redo little bits and pieces such as adding lights at the front and reshaping the turret a little bit, just to try and make the turret seem like a whole. Additionally I added little bits and bobs and bags to make the tank look a little more used to give it a bit more character. Chances are I'll return to it and edit it a little bit more, hence why I'm leaving texturing for as late as possible so I don't have to retexture anything.

I've also been upload models to which is a pretty cool site for uploading 3d models so that people can preview them.The tank model can be found here and I'm quite happy with how it is presented.

Furthermore I've also begun modeling the crew beginning with the tank commander, for which I looked at stern strict veterans and of course imperial guard commissars as I knew that I wanted them to have a large hat emphasising their power but also a large coat just to look cool, though I'm sure it can get really warm inside the steel belly of a tank. The model can be seen here.

At the time or writing this post and looking back at the model he does seam to come across as a wizard or something which is something I feel I will have to change. As I intend to rig the model and have them posing I didn't stop to worry about how the semi-buttoned coat went, I was just happy that it was out of the way whilst modeling the legs.

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