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Monday, 11 February 2013

XB2001 - Solo Game Development

Since Christmas we have been given the task of creating a game on udk that works, is fun to play and also shows good use of kismet, therefore I do not need to worry about the game looking pretty or anything.

Initially I found it quite challenging as udk was a completely new and alien program to me and even the navigation keys were different and took some getting used to.

My initial idea for a game was that you played a regular person, going about your daily routine in a city environment and there was a zombie outbreak, since to this date I have never played a game where the zombie apocalypse has just started and there's a massive wave of panic over the populace as everyone's racing around, doing different things, some are bunkering down, others are panicking and trying to leave the area and I thought it would be an interesting game concept.

Although that's all it kinda was, the idea had no real gameplay in it, and I had no idea how to develop the idea further, so I abandoned it for a simpler idea. My other idea was something along the lines of Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run, where players were constantly moving and had to move around obstacles and avoid death whilst traveling as far as possible on a procedurally generated level. This was a simple enough idea which would also offer me plenty of opportunity to you kismet for creating moving platforms etc to make the game more difficult, although after a while it became clear I would need to be fairly skilled at coding to do this so I then opted to go for a level possibly with checkpoints.

The idea of the game is that the player must jump from pillar to pillar very quickly or else they'd fall off and die whilst the main objective is to reach the end of the level. Initial ideas for this was to increase the speed at which the player travels at so the player has to make faster reactions to increase difficulty however once again this seemed a bit too complex for me. Therefore I started looking at possibly platforming puzzles I could add to the game in order to increase difficulty such as moving platforms and tumbling pillars.

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