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Thursday, 31 January 2013

XB2002 - Spaceship Interiors Research

After creating some modular assets within 3DS Max and extracting them to UDK to create structures we were then tasked with creating our own hand painted texture sheet from which we would then create modular assets from.

I began looking at spaceship interiors from multiple different franchises and IPs and being a huge Star Wars fan I of course looked at ships such as the rebel blockade runner and other ships for inspiration.

I really like the curvature of the walls as they seem a bit more original than the usual angular boring walls and corridors that most sci-fi spaceships would have.

I then also looked at some other references from Battlestar Galactica which has more of an older militaristic, industrial feel to it.

Totally having lights along my walls

Having looked at all these images I think I will take a little something from all of them (some more than others) whilst avoiding having completely dull boring wall pieces

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