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Monday, 21 January 2013

XB2178 - Tank Modeling Cont.

The last iteration of the tank I felt was a little weak in my opinion and whilst looking at the silhouette weakness was the last thing I thought of as the tank had a good sense of 'beefiness' and so I joined the 2 side parts together to give it a larger hull. However now I have the problem of the turret not being able to go down all that much, additionally I have to bare in mind that there is meant to be a sense of stylisation to this tank as well. Enlarging the turret could possibly solve both these problems however it does look a bit silly really.

I then decided to solve the problem regarding the turret by lowering the main tank body down a bit which definitely seemed to improve the distance. Also I'm beginning to like the thought that the tank turret could be an anti-air turret and that its other armaments are just self defense weapons or for ground targets.

Below is a render of my tank at its current stage, compete with a backdrop that doesn't really work but oh well. You can see that I followed the tank's silhouette and gave it side sponsoon weapons and I also felt it necessary that the driver's little vision slit should be moved forward a bit to give a better range of vision since there's a large barrel on his left.

Initially I felt that this 3D model would just be the rough model and I would make another one from scratch baring a better mind for polycount and taking more care, however due to time constraints I think I will just keep working into it and improve it as I go along

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