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Thursday, 31 January 2013

XB2002 - Modular Assets

For this task we had to create modular assets that would be usable within UDK, so that we effectively made the parts for the building such as a wall or a window or a pillar and then pieced them all together to make a building within UDK.

We first created a texture sheet that had windows and walls etc from a photo of a building. Below is the building I chose, which was an interesting task as I had to do a lot of photo editing as the texture sheet couldn't have shadows on it.

Chosen Building

Once the texture sheet was made we then used a grid set up to align all the textures which we then repeated using the same grid technique through 3DS Max and UDK so that everything aligned perfectly.

Extruded Texture Map in 3DS Max
We then extruded the parts out of each piece to make them 3D and rearranged any UVs on the side so that there was no texture stretching. Once the 3D model was fine and there was no more errors I then exported them into UDK and began building.

Although it was done terribly as it is very obvious that they are modular assets and the same static meshes were copy and pasted everywhere I still thoroughly enjoyed using this technique as it was very quick and easy to create a more complicated structure.

Part of the reason why the finished building didn't look so great was due to the fact that I didn't successfully align the static meshes together so there is either texture overlapping or else gaps between the models which is something I now know to avoid.

Overall I was very happy with what I learnt and I thoroughly look forward to creating some more modular assets using a better texture sheet and aligning things properly.

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