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Monday, 14 January 2013

XB2178 - Silhouettes

As I have little direction and I'm not entirely sure which direction I should take I've created some quick silhouettes to try and nail down which way I should go about designing the tank, whether I want to design a very aggressive looking tank or a more passive tank.

After quickly pumping out 10 real quick silhouettes I then decided to look at what different aspects and features I really liked and what I'd like to incorporate into the final design.

I quite liked the main body of the tank turret of 1. as it gives a sense that there's a pivot in there but also because of personal preference, I like it. Wasn't a fan of there being 2 turrets however on tank 2. although I really loved the quad cannon look on 3. (so maybe my tank can be an anti-air tank?) but I maybe even loved the little rungs along the tank body even more as it really seems to flesh it out and adds a good bit of detail. Looking at the general shape of tank 5. gives it a very aggressive look and I really do like the thought of a tank with big treads. additionally I also like the look of side-sponsoon weapons seen on 5. and 9. although that maybe would be a bit overkill.

Final Design?

After combining all of what I liked from all my silhouettes I am left with this monstrosity, which I really do love the look of it and I think it's a great silhouette with quite an interesting look. I may have given it a bit too many weapons, though a tank brimming with weapons also has a tendency to look pretty cool..

Additionally I might move the turret a little bit further back, this is something I can easily experiment with in 3D and eyeball at a later stage if I need to.

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