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Saturday, 5 January 2013

XB2002 - Robot Textured and Finished

Next I had to texture the Robot so that it would look similar to the original with the Marine colour pattern of green with tan.

I felt that it came out very very well and I am very happy with it as it resembles the original very well. The ambient occlusion maps were very helpful marking out areas of intersecting objects and where shadow or rust or grease should go however they were also very frustrating at times as they would darken areas to the point where the texture was nearly completely black and no detail could be seen and so they had to be mostly removed all together.

Additionally I found the use of normal maps to be extremely useful here as before I had a much higher poly-ed model and had to cut down on them, but I was able to preserve some of the detail using the normal maps. Although rather than creating normal maps from the slightly higher poly-ed I thought it best to create normal maps from the textures. This allowed me to achieve more detail as I was then using a normal map to show a circle indent rather than a nanogon indent.

With the robot modeled and textured I then just needed to model and texture his shotgun, which I was the main reason why I chose this robot so i really wanted to have a lot of detail on the shotgun, especially since it did not account to the poly limit we had.

I loved how the shotgun turned out as I felt that it looked really good and gritty and that it matched the same colour pattern of the robot. I had a lot of fun modelling this shotgun and it was an absolute delight to model after having to model a robot with a limitation.

With that I then just needed to create normal maps from the textures and apply them to the models and then I was done.

Body Unwrap
Normal Map of Body Unwrap
Hands and Backpack Unwrap

Normal Map of Hands and Backpack Unwrap   
Legs and Feet Unwrap
Normal Map of Legs and Feet Unwrap
Arms and Joint Unwrap
Normal Map of Arms and Joint Unwrap

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