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Thursday, 20 December 2012

XB2002 - Robot Modeled

Upon completion of my Mulefa I then turned my focus to the second task for the semester, the Ashley Wood Robot. The robot I had chosen was the Mk 3 Bertie, Mode A armed with a spas-12 shotgun, as I really liked the look of it with it's green colour pattern (which is the Marine I believe) and shotgun at hand I really couldn't resist.

The sketch I did of Bertie a while back

Robot Blueprint
Below is the finished modeled robot, however the tri count was far too high for it to be the final piece at over 3000 tris, a 1000 over my limit.

Shoulder Joint
As you can see in the above shoulder joint there is a high concentration of polys (never mind tris) and there were 8 of these in total as I simply copied and pasted the objects around the model, so this was one of the first things to change.

Newer, Simpler Shoulder Joint

So unfortunately I had to remake the robot from scratch, however I was able to complete the second one much quicker as it was a simpler model but also because I knew how to model it from the first.

I was very happy with how the robot came out in the end as I feel it is a much simpler and much more successful model coming easily under 2000 tris, excluding the shotgun of course because I couldn't resist putting in lots of detail into it. Next step, texturing!

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