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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

XB2002 - Mulefa Unwrapped and Textured

After modelling the Mulefa all I had to do then was unwrap it and texture it. As I had created the main body and head as a separate object from it's legs, horns and ears, I used 2 separate unwraps to texture it.

For inspiration for a colour scheme for the Mulefa I looked at carious animals such as hippos, elephants and pigs. However it didn't quite seem right as the Mulefa, with it's claws, didn't seem to suit the colour scheme of a herbivore, so I looked at other references and happened upon a very simple colour scheme used on some dinosaur drawings with a simple green body with a yellow underbelly.
Body and Head Unwrap with Ambient Occlusion

Legs, Eyes, Ears, and Horns Unwrap with Ambient Occlusion

I was very happy with the way the textures came out and I really wanted to have a good amount of space for the eye so I was able to put a lot of detail into it. My only annoyance would be the trouble some of the ambient occlusion maps gave me as they would give off dark areas where there shouldn't have been at times, though this was editable within photoshop.

I did however completely forget about the wheels of the Mulefa, so I was forced to quickly model and unwrap them and texture them as well. However as they are rather simple shapes it didn't take long to do them, however I felt that the ambient occlusion maps didn't quite work on them either, and I'm guessing this is due to the mirroring in the wheels.

Wheel and Claw Unwrap with Ambient Occlusion
After creating the hand painted textures I then used crazy bump to quickly make my normal maps for added detail on the Mulefa.

Normal Map of Body Unwrap

Normal Map of Legs, Eyes, Ears, and Horns Unwra

Normal Map of Wheel and Claw Unwrap
 I was very happy with the way my normal maps came out and also how quickly they were made using Normal Bump. I felt that I was able to create some really cool looking textures for my Mulefa and I hope that the extra detail stands out.

Below is my finished Mulefa which all in all I am very happy with, as I think it looks great, I feel that my skills in modelling and unwrapping have significantly improved since last year and I look forward to improving my skills further.

My finished Mulefa

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