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Sunday, 2 December 2012

XB2002 - Mulefa Blue Print and Progress Update [Long Time No Post Edition]

It's been a while I posted some 3D stuff, apologies it's sometimes hard to remember to blog things with different things going on at once.

Below is my Mulefa blueprint which ended up looking like nothing I had intended for it to look like which isn't a surprise considering what the blueprint is of. Whilst creating the blueprint many iterations of what in my head a Mulefa was as initially I would draw a body for instance and then have to alter the body as I got round to adding the legs and the body would make no sense or have no room for the muscles of the leg to intersect with the rest of the body or else I'd forget that the Mulefa has a diamond shaped frame and have to alter the body slightly.

I am quite pleased with how my Mulefa blueprint turned out as it looks plausible enough for such a weird creature, it has room for muscles and where it's limbs would attach, it has a dip between it's too middle legs similar to what a cow would have. I also looked at horse heads and necks for inspiration as to how the head and neck should be which really helped creating the blueprint. Though according to my vet student girlfriend the part about the cow is apparently wrong but I'm not changing the blueprint now, it looks great as it is..

And here it is in all it's glory, my Mulefa after 30mins or so of modelling, so far it's going quite well I think.

My only concern is that at the minute it's sorta looking like a duck, but that will change once I add the head and the legs no doubt

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