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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

XB2178 - Artist Research

Whilst looking at how World War 2 tanks have been made and what aspects of their design I wish to incorporate into my own, I have also been looking at how other artists have created interesting tank and character designs in both 3D and 2D.

Akira Toriyama

Looking at Toriyama's Sandlands comic I can see that his design of the tank which is in the majority of the comic is quite simple in ways. The main shape of the tank is very similar to an egg, with it being taller than it is wide and had quite a comical look to it which in a way also gives the vehicle much more character, especially since it even has eyes painted on.

One thing I definitely will be taking from this tank however is the different hatches and access points within the tank as most modern tanks don't have that many points within the tank for people to get in and out of. This makes the interior much more visible and interesting but also makes the tank much more homie in a way, as the crew are able to move around a lot easier and it also allows viewers to see it's interiors. As I intend to create an APC with the main function of transporting people access ways and hatches will be an important feature.

Christopher Bromby

Bromby was the art director for Wii game Tron Legacy: Battle Grids which saw the different factions within the Tron world fighting each other in a variety of game modes. Battle Grids is an interesting game to look at as, although the character and vehicle design aren't very similar to what I aim to achieve, it is great for me to be able to look at their work and see how they have created stylised characters and how their proportions have been altered to suggest what type of character they are, if they are an aggressive character or more friendly or neutral.

Another important note is how each character's style of clothing and even their stance is reflective back on their vehicle. For instance both the vehicle and the character below are quite slim and possibly even streamlined, hinting that they are both very quick and agile within the game. The point that the vehicle is fast is emphasised through it's sleek design and large wheels, which also hint that the vehicle is possibly capable of going over certain rough terrain and is quite durable in that respect.

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