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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

XB2178 - Further Tank Research

It occurred to me that I never fully combined the tank hulls and turrets together to see what completed tanks I came up with. Below are the tanks that I liked most from the experiment.

 Above is a quick render of a tank and turret combination which does look very aggressive and interesting with it's raised front end, however there isn't a lot of room to store infantry it would need to be altered slightly to accommodate infantry.

Above and below is another tank design which I quite like as it looks quite different from standard tank designs especially with it's high raised turret at the back and it's long thin body up at the front, however it is not without it's flaws. The base is a little too thin, as it doesn't look as if it could support that many troops and the turret at the back shifts the centre of gravity to be quite high up and at the back, insisting that the vehicle would be able to topple over very easily, and not be able to go uphill.

Additionally after looking specifically at other APC designs I can see that there are some things I should take into consideration from them, such as how long they are, or that they have wheels as opposed to tracks mostly, or that the exit ramp is at the back so that the infantry can avoid taking fire.

So below are some examples of real world APCs from a variety of countries (with the exception of the Colonial Marine APC from Aliens) and I can't help but notice the very general shape they all follow as well as using 8 wheels standard. I think that I will possibly avoid this shape, although I will still keep it long and narrow as to keep the general sense that my model is an APC.

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