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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

XB2178 - Initial Tank Concept

Before I even began to start any 3D modelling I thought it best to do some quick sketch work and get my around around what it is exactly that I want to create, what sort of scene I wanted to have as a finished piece. But first things first I need to know what sort of tank I wish to go for, be it a heavy frontal assault tank, a long range artillery piece, or even a troop transport of sorts.

Below are some sketches I did just to put ideas on to page and play around with different ideas of what sort of tank to go for.

Here I began to contemplate what sort of scene I would like to go for and I actually warmed up to the idea of an APC disgorging infantry to an enemy contact or even something a little more light hearted such as them all getting lost and complaining.

Blogger doesn't like landscape photos apparently but don't hurt your neck, just played around with how infantry would get out of the vehicle and where the doors would be.
I am certain after that sketching that I will be creating an APC of some sort so whilst creating tank concepts I will bare in mind that it will need enough internal space for some number of infantry pieces.

Additionally I couldn't help but have a look at some dioramas from the Warhammer universe cause some of them truely are awesome.

What I love most about these pieces is that they tell a story in some form, be it a soldiers daily routing or a much more cinematic scene such as the one above with a soldier hiding form his enemies whilst preparing himself for having to fight for his life. This is something I definitely want to achieve with my final piece, something that not only looks good, but also something that would portray a story of some sort and would cause the viewer to stop and consider what it might be.

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