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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

XB2001 - UDK Pirate Asset Assignment

For this assignment we were asked to create a scene using only certain pirate themed assets. The purpose of this assignment being to familiarise ourselves with manipulating assets in UDK to create what we needed or wanted which I feel is a great idea. As it left a strong reminder in my head that assets do not have to be made very strictly within a 3D modelling program such as 3DS Max as UDK is powerful enough to manipulate these assets to a certain degree and so Game Designers do have a degree of freedom when using UDK.

In creating the scene I was a little clueless at the start as I wanted to create something fairly original and after a while of playing around and crashing UDK I happened across the thought of creating a woodland or garden-y area using wooden assets to create the trees and possibly using the leaves for shrub and vegetation.

The final outcome of the assignment was to have 3 High-Res screenshots of the scene we created which are below.

Initially the tress all looked a bit bare when I put them together and so naturally I thought that light emitting glass bottles would do just the trick and that a brick wall as needed to have something in the background.

I really enjoyed this assignment, as I definitely want to become more familiar using UDK and I really did enjoy familiarising myself with it and creating something new. I really would've liked a dark moody skybox to go along with this, but unfortunately I created this scene on a blank map and any attempt at creating a skybox resulted in a weird unlit skybox which only stood out like a sore thumb with the rest o the scene, so I left it dark which I still thought worked well.

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