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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

XB2178 - Project Plan Final

It has come to my attention that I have never posted up my project plan, so without further adieu here it is.

Project Plan


For this project I am going to create a diorama featuring a tank and its crew of 3 performing in a scene. This will be done using stylised low poly models that could be used within a game. The purpose of this project is to improve my skills as a 3D modeller. The diorama will be showcased in a 4 piece portfolio along with a 360 video turn around.

Intended Actions

  • Style research - Look at how other artists have created stylised  pieces in both  3D and 2D. I will look at artists such as Akira Toriyama, in particular his Sandlands comic, Scott Campbell who worked on Psychonauts, Chris Bromby who has worked on the Disney Tron Grids game featuring stylised characters. Additonally I will look at Team Fortress 2, and it's 2 designers John Cook and Robin Walker, as it is a very important game to feature stylised art. I will then create a moodboard to signify the art style I will be pursuing.

  • Tank research and design - Look at various tanks, their roles and how they fulfil them. Such as the way in which an AA tank, such as a Tunguska, would be able to aim its turret up to a high angle to aid in engaging air targets. Or how an APC would have very little wasted space internally to be able to carry as many troops as possible.

  • Look at examples of low poly 3d vehicles from a number of artists and resources such as Bitgem on deviantART, 3D artist Ryan Shar as well as looking at pieces of work from the deviantART and Polycount community.

  • Character research - Research into both fictional and factual tank crews, what they wear and what they look like, they're roles and how they fit in with the vehicle. Additionally I will look at low poly character models from the Polycount community as well as Tommy Tallian who created low poly Team Fortress 2 characters.

  • After conducting necessary research I will then being sketching ideas and creating some concept artwork to help get a feel of what sort of tank and crew I am looking to create. Once I feel I have a good idea of what I am going to model I will then create blueprints for the models. After which I will then begin modelling whilst keeping poly count to a low standard.

  • Scene research - After the 3D models have been created I will then look to create a scene for the models to be displayed in a way that will look dynamic and entertaining. To do this I shall look at certain set pieces that have been created within the Warhammer 40k universe and with Forge World as they are usually done to a high standard. Additionally I will also look at environmental artist Daniel Rose for level composition as I would not want the scene to look too cluttered or bare.


I am going to improve my skills within 3D modelling and conceptual designing.

New Skill and Knowledge

  • Learn how to successfully rig models
  • Further improve my skill using 3DS Max


By the end of this project I will have:
  • A 4 piece A3 portfolio showcasing the diorama.
  • A video turnaround orbiting around the diorama.


Project Start: October 31st

Week 1: Style research, create moodboards

Week 2 - 4: Tank research, look at fictional and factual and examples of how                they function. Decide upon role of tank. Initial sketches and ideas             of tanks.

Week 5 - 6: Character Research. Character concepts and sketches. Look at                style and appearance of tank and mimic to character uniforms.

Week 7: Finalise crew and tank concepts

Week 8: Create blueprints for tank and crew and begin modelling

Christmas Break

Week 9 - 11: 3D model tank and crew in T poses and unwrap and place basic                textures

Week 12 - 13: Rig 3D tank and characters and create final textures for them.

Week 14: Scene research, concepts and sketches as well as possible 
                 ideas for dioramas

Week 15: Finalize concepts of scene and produce a top down and level view 
                of it.

Week 16 - 17:  Create scene and it's 3D assets

Week 18: Texture scene and 3D assets

Week 19: Bring Tank and crew members into scene and adjust to poses

Week 20: Set up lights and camera. Post processing.


Week 21: Print 4 A3 pieces of renders  from 4 different angles of diorama.                            Create video footage of scene with rotating camera.

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