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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

XB2178 - Initial Research

Above is a moodboard to emphasis what I wish for my tank to look like from looking at different aspects of different sources. Above are Ashley Woods' robots, some concept artwork along with even a poster and a tank from word art.

 Additionally I will be looking at tanks from the comic book called Sandland as it has a very stylised look to it and certain aspects and proportions are exaggerated. This is used to emphasise what the purpose of the tank is, for instance in the case above, the tank has lots of space and so it's main use would be transport. Similarly, the main aspect of Woods' robots would be how bulky and durable they are, and that they're built to last whilst having short legs, emphasising how slow and ponderous they  are. Additionally the tank from Gears of War has large wheels and a large turret suggests that the tank plays an offensive role whilst being maneuverable.

From looking at the sources above I have a better idea of how I should go about designing my stylised tank and it's crew. Additionally, a lot of the stylised tanks are made up from basic shapes, for instance looking at Woods' it can be clearly seen how the are made from mostly a cylinder with cuboids for limbs. From looking at these tanks I have gained a greater understanding in how I should go about designing my tank and its crew by looking at what the role or class of the tank and its crew is, be it Reconnaissance, Transport, Assault, Medical, Sniper, or Heavy.

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