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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

XB2178 - Project Plan Draft


My aim for this project is to create at least one diorama featuring a tank and its crew of 3 performing in a scene. This scene could be the 3 men arguing which way to go whilst looking at various maps or performing maintenance work on the tank in a hanger of sorts. This will be done using low poly models and a stylised style to suit the models. Finally I will then print these off as A3 final pieces, although alternatively I may create a short animation which would feature the tank slightly rumbling and possibly limb movements from the crew, although definitely nothing too complex, depending on how much time I have.

Intended Actions

Firstly I will do research and design in order to create a stylised tank with a matching crew, during which I will look at other artists' work and draw some sketches. Once I know what my tank and crew will look like, I will then create detailed blueprints for modelling the tank and 3 crew members. Next I would then texture and rig the models so that I would be able to place them into a pose. Finally I would then work on using light sources and creating a quick environment piece for them to be situated in.


At least 1 printed diorama featuring the tank and crew. Additionally I may create a small animation which would feature the tank slightly rumbling and possibly hand and arm movements from the crew.

New Skills and Knowledge

I will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully rig 3D models and also how to properly render a 3D object using different light sources and possibly after effects such as depth of field etc.

Project Timetable

Present - Nov      Research and Design, Complete Sketches for Tank and Crew Design
Nov - Dec           Create templates, Model, Texture, Possibly Rig
Jan - Feb             Rig Models and Begin Research into Dioramas and Set Pieces
Feb - Mar            Set models into desired Poses and create renders. Create short simple animation if I
                            have plenty of time

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