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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

XB2001 - Level Layout

Above is the beginnings of my level for an assassin's creed game set in Vienne, Austria, where our assassin is after a corrupt politician who's visiting the city's Bath House to relax.

Obviously I'm not going to model an entire city as many of the buildings would be unusable but as Assassin's Creed is a very open and free roaming game, allowing players to attack from any direction I will be creating buildings from a large radius around the main target area, which will be the bath house building.

My main aim here is to create a level that hasn't been quite seen before in the assassin's creed level, whereby players can decide whether they wish to go for an all out assault through the front entrance, sneak in through the viaduct avoiding killing guards (who are at the end of the day are just doing their job), or something in between such as jumping onto the rooftop from a neighboring building.

So currently I am just worrying about the layout of the city, as I want it to have some main routes along with narrow passageways throughout the city, with narrower and windier paths closer to the centre, giving a feeling that the player is in a congested and urbanised area, but also to make it easier to break line of sight with pursuers near areas with guards.

Once I have the buildings and the city layout finished I then will worry about placement of hay bales and hide-able areas, leap of faiths, and other features of the game.

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