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Monday, 22 October 2012

DD2000 - A Look at Design: Alienware

Alienware are one of the most well known brands when it comes to high-end, high performance laptops. Their laptops do look very nice indeed from the outside with the changeable lights on the outside, and the sleek yet subtle industrial feel giving the user a feeling that they are wielding a mighty machine.
The internals are also quite impressive featuring usually what is the latest processors, graphics card and RAM available for laptops as well as a variety of storage drives. The online process of ordering an Alienware is also very well designed, where customisation was the main aspect the website design team must've been going for, allowing consumers to choose exactly what they want inside their laptop whilst providing little snippets of info to inform the user, what a particular part of the laptop did and how important it was.

However that us where the pros end in my opinion, whilst they are great pieces of hardware no doubt, they are also very very expensive for what seems to be no reason at all. A 17" Alienware laptop with sufficient, not the best, sufficient internal hardware would cost you close to £1400. Prices decrease the smaller screen size you go for, which in all sense and purposes should make the laptop more expensive, as there is less room for hardware to be stored and the company must use smaller parts. Part of the reason why the range of laptops are as expensive as they are is because you are effectively paying for the Alienware name, similar to paying for a Mac from Apple. However best of all is that it's not even Alienware, not since Dell bought the company and has been controlling things ever since. To which you might as well buy a Dell XPS since you can fit the majority of an Alienware's internals into one and you're not paying for a name.

Or of course you could always go for a laptop from since there you're getting the same great fast running internals of an Alienware for much less.

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