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Monday, 15 October 2012

XB2002 - Medieval House

For our first task after returning to university after summer I was to create a cartoony medieval house with hand painted textures. For this I did some preliminary sketches as well as looking at some examples of a cartoony house.

I really liked how the buildings seemed quite top heavy and were quite tall, as well as the detailing of the wooden panels going across the buildings

Again here you can see how the building is a little top heavy and has wooden panels for structural support, but I also like how the bottom and the foundations of the building seem to be made of stone.

Here are my sketches I did of my house, even though they may be hard to follow it still did really help me imagine what kind of medieval house I wanted to make and all of it's little features.

And finally here are the renders of my final piece of my Medieval House, I am quite pleased with how it turned out and I learnt quite a lot about unwrapping and rendering 3D models as I had to restart the unwrapping process 3 times as I would realise there was something wrong with my 3D model, and after fixing the fault all my UVs would have reset themselves, however thankfully now I know to collapse all of my object before doing so, so that my UVs become saved.

Above is a render with no materials on the object and I am very happy with the result as the model looks significantly better than previous work last year. Although I do need to practice more with lighting and shadows whilst creating renders.

Here is a render with the hand painted materials added onto the house which really brings it to life. I am very happy with the final outcome as I my skills in 3D modelling and digital painting have strengthened significantly.

The texture sheet that I painted for this task

The Nice Face makes a triumphant return with "Ye Olde Nice Tavern"

Front view of the Medieval House

Rear view of the Medieval House

It was quite an interesting task as it really was the first time I had created a model using separate objects as normally I would create a model using 1 object. With this came some slight problems that I was able to over come such as polys overlapping each other and causing a flickering effect in 3DS Max. Although I was very happy to create something with more than one object as it made certain things much much easier such as the little extensions jutting out of the house.

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