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Monday, 22 October 2012

DD2000 - A Look at Design: iPhones

The iPhone is one of the most well known series of phones with various models at various prices and with different amounts of storage giving consumers quite a choice for an iPhone. Although are they really as hyped up as people make them out to be?

First impressions with an iPhone are good with a very sensitive and accurate touchscreen, meaning you're never having a mistype in a text of a misfire in a game. The iPhone comes with it's own Appstore giving iPhone users exclusive apps as some companies may prefer to release an App for the iPhone it's rivals such as Android or Windows. The firmware of the iPhone is also very user friendly with apps and Games easily being displayed with a spaced out grid-like system meaning users easily find what they are looking for and can even rearrange the order of their apps or even create a folder which they can then name and store their apps inside to save room on their homescreen. However as far as customisation goes, that is all the iPhone has to offer, aside from being able to set your homescreen background which is something phones have been capable of for some time.

Addtionally an iPhone can be quite costly with the new iPhone 5 at PRICE, which for a phone that is only slightly more impressive that its predecessors is quite a lot. This due to the fact that yes, the iPhone 5, and the majority of iPhones for that matter, are quite costly t make, however the high cost is mostly due to the fact that Apple know that people will pay that much for an iPhone.

iPhones are somewhat of a bragging right to some people, and to them they must have the latest version (or close to it) no matter the cost because they feel they need the new iPhone. Not want, need. Which it in itself, presents the iPhone as a product very successful as people do see them as a step above the rest and they do feel the need to own one depending on the person's perception of the iPhone.

The iPhone is a well designed phone on the outside, it is very ergonomic, especially in the earlier series, with it's compact and thin design and it's responsive screen. However on the inside lies what is, granted, an easy to navigate homesceen, but there is close to no personal customisation options for it. Which in a world where people are able to create social profiles on websites and change their profile picture, give themselves a cover photo and even in some cases edit the layout of a webpage only comes across as being quite restrictive.

In conclusion, the iPhone is well designed on the outside and physically at least on the inside, however it suffers in it's firmware.

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