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Thursday, 18 April 2013

XB2001 - 2nd Game Developement

The last playable level I made was a great introduction into UDK and I learnt a whole lot and hopefully it will help me in my next assignment.

My next assignment was to create a first-person game that had to have modular assets as well as an internal and external environment. This assignment was set recently after Aliens: Colonial Marines which is why I chose to create a horror game. Additionally I am quite a fan of horror titles such as Amnesia and thought it would be an interesting assignment as with a horror game, lighting, pacing and level design are all very important.

I began this assignment by creating  moodboard to help generate some ideas as to the environment that it is going to take place in and what exactly is going on in the level.

I rather liked the thought of creating a barren environment with little or no human contract with the exception of some isolated settlements in the form of spires or towers. The first idea that came to me storyline wise was that the player is a traveler and comes across one of these tower cities that is in ruin and everyone is missing and so the player must navigate throughout the level and investigate what has happened

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