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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

XB2001 - Level Completed

At last I have (hopefully) completed my level, complete with plenty of paths and for any eager free roamer complete with a stealth path where an assassin can avoid killing as few people as possible.

In it's current state the level is complete with all mechanics being used at some point with crowds and benches available for the player to blend into along with hay bales, wells and roof gardens available for the player to hide in as well.

Top view of Vienna
As guards and general civilians are all over the city it does seem a bit pointless to include each and every one in my level design as I felt that it would be self explanatory that there would be civilians and guards dotted around everywhere with higher concentrations the closer towards the middle. Furthermore I felt it unnecessary to include guards and patrol paths around the city as they're not going to attack you straight away, however there are guards placed in the restricted area as they would be stationary and would obviously be of importance since these are the guards who are most likely to attack you.

Key: Grean = Crowd, Yellow = Hide-able Areas - Roof Garden, Hay Bales, Well, Benches, Red Area = Restricted Area, Blue = Water, Orange = Quick Run Startups
I felt that as the player begins from the docks area as he has just entered the city to hunt down his target I thought it would make sense for him not to have any allies available to hire as people don't know how the foreigner is nor would they want to work for him.

3D Render of Vienna after being exported to 3DS Max, very messy render and to be honest it was a bad inefficient model to begin with and I did struggle to even place lights in the scene the model was breaking 3DS Max so much.

Next thing for me to do now is a level walk-through, where I shall take a step by step look at how each player can go about completing the task.

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