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Friday, 19 April 2013

XB2002 - Video Game Assets

We were given a new assignment which was to create a level using modular assets as well as a few unique assets which we were to use in conjunction with XB2001.

As stated in XB2001, I went for a sci-fi horror game that took place within a massive tower-like structure and I looked at a range of different material and produced a couple moodboards.

Initially I began modelling right away without really thinking and just winged it more or less and ended up with something a little bit dull and something that was very star wars-y which wasn't something that I wanted to go for.

So I then began modelling simpler more square like things with right angled corners etc, which produced some interesting results that I eventually went with.

At one point my level had a wall that had been damaged by an explosion so I had to then merge t2 walls together and then cut through them.

Red object is the custom collision for use within UDK

Doorway Tests

I ended up with 3 levels of wall models, bottom, middle and top as I knew my level had varied wall height, and with all these pieces I would be able to create the majority of my level and so quickly did a couple of tests to make sure they were all snapping together properly.

After which I then realised I had stairs within my level which I then created using 2 Doorway models and slowly linked the 2 together with steps.

You can see the ramp which I used as custom collision for exporting to UDK

Stairs are really really hard to make as it turns out however I feel that they turned out quite alright.
I was also able to use these stairs as a template for any other ramps or wide star cases I had to make later on.

Again you cans see the red object which was the custom collision for UDK.

After I had created the my modular assets that would allow me to add my custom models to my level in XB2001 I then textured these assets and created some extra ones which I am quite proud of.

Note that I just textured the underside of the floor so it could be used as a ceiling as well.

The Tower building which can be seen from the outside and how much bigger it is in comparison to the other models, only 6 tris as well.

I was quite happy with the amount of assets I created for this project however I felt that it was a bit too much and that I aimed too high and would have been better off creating a shorter level and including a shorter asset list as I unfortunately wasn't able to bring all of my own assets into the game's level in time for the hand in.

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