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Thursday, 27 September 2012

XB2002 - Quick Recap on Modelling

Upon return to university from summer I was tasked with creating a bin, similar to a skip that I had completed last year, just as a quick recap on my skills of 3DS Max. Thankfully not much had left me and modelling the bin was fairly easy.

The basis for the bin was similar to the bin below.

Then below is the bin I created, modeled and textured. The modelling went very well and very smooth, I felt very confident whilst modelling. However unfortunately my laptop at the time didn't have photoshop so I was forced to texture using paint, which of course looked horrible, although I did try to keep it stylized so it didn't look too ridiculous.

Though I will admit, that I did maybe go overboard  on the shapes, although on the other hand I felt that it did indeed help make it look more stylized.

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